Sinful House is a members only club, meaning to attend any of our events you first have to be approved here, this allows our community to stay safe and allow only people who are within the lifestyle.

We provide two type of memberships Standard & Exclusive:

Our standard membership gives you access to our events, this will always be free.

Members will have access to the social and community sections of the site, allowing to chat and meet verified and pending verification, we don’t mind if you use the site for meeting new people.

Even free memberships can be terminated so please be aware of the rules before joining. 

The exclusive membership, which is a set yearly fee of 130,000 THB currently the exclusive membership is in trial phase, it’s currently open to all standard members but in the future we will be limiting exclusive to 500 members at a later date on a invite basis, at this time the following benefits of exclusive are:

  • Allow members of this tier to attend exclusive only members events 
  • Discounted mainstream events and priority tickets for special events 
  • Free Flow House Drinks

We are working providing Sinful House with a permanent location to act as a clubhouse which will include facilities that exclusive members can take advantage of:

  • Sports facilities (Pool, Gym)
  • On site Bar and Restaurant
  • On site Spa & Massage
  • Lounge and meeting area
  • Short Term Stays (Limited at single night with 2 days advance booking)

If there is any questions about memberships please do reach out by dropping a message on the bottom left, please be aware that all memberships can be terminated at anytime if you don’t follow the rules regardless paid or free.

As always be safe and dont be obliged to apply for exclusive if you don’t want it.

Best Regards,

Sinful House Team

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