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We want our guests to be able to dress however they feel comfortable, but we also want to maintain a certain level of sophistication and style at our events. Therefore, we ask that you follow our dress code guidelines. Friday events are casual, but we still expect our guests to dress up a little bit. Men should wear dress pants and a nice shirt, and women should wear a dress or a nice blouse with a skirt. Saturday events are more formal, and we expect our guests to dress accordingly. Men should wear a suit and tie or dress pants and a dress shirt, and women should wear a dress or a formal gown. We also encourage our guests to wear lingerie or something extra risqué to our events, but this is entirely optional.


Sinful House hosts events every Saturday night, as well as some special events throughout the year. Our events are open to members only, and registration is required in advance. We offer a variety of different events, including dance parties, theme parties, and special events like our annual Halloween party. We also offer a range of activities at our events, including on-premise play, private playrooms, and socializing with like-minded adults.


Sinful House is a private members’ lifestyle social club where members of the lifestyle and LGBTQ+ communities can explore and experiment with their sexuality in a non-judgmental and non-discriminatory environment. We offer a variety of events and activities for our members, and we encourage our guests to dress up and have fun. We ask that our guests respect each other’s boundaries and engage in consensual play only. We also prioritize the privacy and security of our members and require registration in advance for all events.


  • Sinful House is a Private Members’ Lifestyle Social Club where on-premise play is allowed for those within the lifestyle and LGBTQ+ communities in a non-pressurised environment.
  • If you feel that you may be offended by expressions of sexual freedom, please do not register on this site. We do not want you to be offended by such expressions and our events are specifically for liberated adults, who want to explore and experiment with their sexuality without judgment or discrimination, so please respect their choice.
  • Since 2023, Sinful House has become the Thailand’s fastest growing Lifestyle club, a haven for those wanting to explore their sexual liberation and the wonderful and diverse world of the lifestyle, but you should always know that you remain under no obligation to do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. 
  • From plumbers to professionals and politicians. From single mothers to super models, Celebrities.
  • Many guests take pleasure in dressing up or wearing something extra risqué to our events, for instance, ladies often wear lingerie, and that is perfect. We say ‘wear what you dare’. Gentlemen, put some effort in to match the ladies! (see dress code further down) 
  • The opportunity to socialise free from inhibition with like-minded adults means you may be approached by other members. Just remember the choice to engage or otherwise is always yours. People will respect a polite ‘no thank you’.
  • The very basic rules which ALL guests need to acknowledge are to be respectful at ALL times. 
  • Sinful House and Soir Haus, hold highly the need of members for discretion and security. Pre-registration is mandatory and does not guarantee acceptance.
  • The club reserves the right to withdraw membership at any time and without explanation if the club management feels that a member’s conduct is unbecoming and impacts the enjoyment of other members.
  • Very important, for couples and single ladies exploring the lifestyle for the first time, we have different type of events including the attendance of single males for those wishing to engage with additional male company. Couple only events are predominantly restricted to couples and singles ladies. It is important to understand which event may suit you best and, if attending as a couple, to discuss candidly before coming to an event what your own personal boundaries are and to respect them. Our events are meant to be fun, sociable, and sexy. Domestic tension can soon be disruptive and unattractive to see on camera or in real life.
  • Because of the external factors which can affect the attendance at events, we can make no promises or guarantees about total attendance or ratios of couples/male/female attendees on any given night. 
  • Finally, please read through all of our Rules and FAQS (below)


  • Sinful House is an adult lifestyle private social club in Bangkok where on-premise play is allowed for those within the lifestyle and LGBTQ+ communities. Individuals must be 21years or older to join.
  • In joining the club, you understand and confirm that you are wholly responsible for your own sexual well-being at all times. You will give and seek consent before any interaction with others. It is advised that you practice safe sex at all times. You will be mindful of the areas in which you choose to play, using the private, lockable playrooms available within the venue in preference to open playrooms if you prefer not to engage in group play.  You warrant to indemnify the Club, event organisers, and hosts against any claims of misconduct.
  • Please check that the names you have submitted on your registration are true and accurate. If you have been ‘discrete’ and they are not true and accurate, it would be good for us to update them now and avoid confusion and delays when you are standing in line with your photo ID to get into the club on your first night. In addition, we will charge a 1000 THB admin fee to correct deliberately false information at the front desk.
  • Sinful House Exclusive is the club’s VIP Membership program, with features that are available exclusively to Exclusive members. It is purely optional and a separate entity from the Standard membership required to attend Sinful House events. Members can upgrade their accounts to enjoy perks and interactions with fellow exclusive members and enjoy Sinful House’s club house facilities when available. Subscriptions to Sinful House’s Exclusive will auto-renew upon expiry unless cancelled by the user which can be managed through their account settings.  The network is intended for member engagement in relation to event attendance. Heavy solicitation to private groups and other events may result in the cessation of exclusive Access.
  • For the security and privacy of all, registration is required at all times. When registering on this platform, you MUST use your real names, which will be kept totally private and you may set a username that is public-facing.
  • You understand that the club’s social network is provided in order for members to engage when attending club events. Undue promotion of services, events, parties, and private meets (irrespective of paid or otherwise) outside of the club or deliberately attempting to divert communications to third-party apps, websites and telecoms, either within the club or via this platform may result in the withdrawal of Access or even termination of your account.
  • Members are highly respected within the Community. Stalking or harassment of any other member, in any form, real or cyber, is never permitted and can result in temporary or permanent suspension of registration.
  • Individuals transitioning between genders are very welcome to register, but, registrations are required within the gender category that can be supported by your government-issued ID and the applicable admission fees apply at all events. 
  • Sinful House does not sell or release any private information to third parties.
  • Ticket purchases/deposits may be transacted in THB and appear as Alternative Hospitality Co., Ltd or Yutani Corporation (Our Payment Partner) depending on payment method on your statement, or in USD and appear as Soir Haus or Alternative Hospitality Co., Ltd. ALL purchases non-transferable and non-refundable at all times.
  • With the couples’ registrations, it is expected that the female will always be present at physical events. A male from within a couple’s registration will not be admitted as a single male. 
  • Cyber or otherwise, No means No.  If someone tells you no, we ask you to respect this decision 
  • All guests should respect the dignity of others. No rude, racist, homophobic, violent or abusive conduct will be tolerated.
  • If you enter a playroom and are not playing, we kindly ask that you whisper or do not talk at all. NO live commentary, please.
  • Sinful House has a zero-tolerance policy for the promotion of drugs or solicitation.
  • Attendees shall ensure that there is no subterfuge within their registration or use of the site at any time. 
  • For those employed within any capacity of the media, it does not preclude membership, but, you warrant to respect and uphold the right to privacy of the club, its agents, and all other users at all times. 
  • Overly intoxicated guests may be removed from playrooms, real or virtual.
  • Competitions – From time to time, we may hold competitions at an event or across a series of events in association with partners. Participation may be subject to registration with the partners and at all times are subject to our rules. Vacation prizes do not include travel unless specified and cannot be exchanged for any monetary alternative.  If a draw winner declines the prize, no alternative shall be drawn. The club’s decisions are final at all times.
  • Individuals resigning their registration(s) will be required to submit a new application should they wish to rejoin.
  • You agree to indemnify and hold the club, its management, staff, agents, and venues, harmless of any claim or damages (including any legal fees in relation to the same) made by yourself or a third party, for any loss, damage, injury or harm suffered by you or them or to property howsoever caused.
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