"Dress to turn heads or wear something you would only wear in another country because no one knows you."

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Before attending, please familiarize yourself with our Dress Code, Rules, and Etiquette. The management and members expect good manners at all times.

How can I apply for membership?

You can apply for membership by clicking the Sign-Up Button on the top menu, or by clicking the “SIGN ME UP” link. However, please note that registration is not a guarantee of acceptance.

What is the dress code for attending events?

Dress code and presentability are super important, and we won’t admit you if you look unkempt. For ladies, please dress up and be your sexy best. Stylish, chic, daring, lingerie is popular, and you can even go bare if you dare, as we are clothing optional. For gentlemen, you should be well-groomed, keep long hair tidy, and shave or trim facial hair. Please wear smart trousers or smart dark jeans with a buttoned shirt (with a collar!) or a smart plain polo shirt or V-neck sweater. Shoes or black sneakers are the only acceptable footwear.

We may not admit you if you wear ripped, paint-covered, or patched jeans. Absolutely NO shorts, T-Shirts, vests, singlets, hoodies, sweatshirts, or other sports style tops. NO Converse, white sneakers, white training/sport style footwear (we don’t care what brand and how much you paid!), no DM or construction site style boots, sandals, or caps/hats.

Please be aware in advance that this is an upscale private members’ club, and we may not admit you if you look unkempt.

Do I have to get naked or participate in any activity?

No, we hold clothing-optional events, both live and virtual, but nobody is under any obligation to participate in anything they don’t want to. Our environment is for consenting adults, and you know your own limits.

Can I attend events with recreational drugs?

No, we do not condone the use of any prohibited substances. Any complaints may lead to the cessation of your account.

Do you have lockers?

Yes, we have a cloakroom and lockers available. We ask you to leave your coats, phones, and any bags that you might not need at the front desk. Our small lockers are for clothes and handbags (they are approximately 30cm high x 20cm wide and x 30cm deep).

If I booked a ticket but cannot attend, can I get a refund or reschedule it?

No, all payments are non-refundable and non-transferable. We hope that no one gets ill or has a family emergency. However, we cannot know if the excuse is genuine or if you just got a better offer and changed your mind. Running the site club takes a huge investment in time, resources, and money.

How will the ticket purchase appear on my bank statement?

Ticket purchases will appear as Alternative Hospitality or Yutani Corporation on any bank/card statements.

What are the age and ID requirements?

You must have an approved registration at Sinful House before attending. You must be 21 years or older to attend an event, and photographic ID (driver’s license, passport, or government-issued ID card) must be produced at the front desk on your first visit for each membership applicant to ratify the membership application. NO ID = NO ADMISSION.

What items are allowed and prohibited at the event?

It is REQUIRED that you bring your PHOTO ID.

We encourage safe sex practices and suggest that you bring condoms with you. However, if you forget or require more, we offer them for sale at the front desk.

Please refrain from bringing any alcohol or drugs to the venue. As the premises is now a fully licensed bar, we do not tolerate drug use under any circumstances. If any suspicious substances are found, we will confiscate them and ask you to leave the club immediately. Such incidents will also be reported to the police.

If you and your partner have two singles accounts, you may attend the event together on a Saturday. However, we expect you to arrive together, stay together, and participate together at all times. If a male behaves inappropriately as a single, and complaints are raised by couples, both individuals may be asked to leave the event.

To save money, we recommend that you purchase the ‘Two Singles Together Ticket’ instead of separate single admissions. Please do not purchase a couple’s ticket, as an additional charge will be applied at the front desk.

Is my deposit/ticket transferrable?

All ticket sales and subscriptions are final and non-refundable.

Transfers may be considered at the managements discretion.

Terms and conditions will apply.

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